As earlier reported here, NBC’s freshman comedy, ANIMAL PRACTICE, was in great ratings danger. Now NBC pulled the comedy from the schedule which was supposed to air on Halloween Wednesday. NBC didn’t want to enter into the November sweeps with this weak entry which suffered from poor ratings, but seems to be giving Jimmy Fallon’s GUYS WITH KIDS a little more time to develop an audience.

ANIMAL PRACTICE seemed much like a weak animal-based ripoff of THE OFFICE in many ways, and PETA attacked the program as well, although there’s absolutely no evidence that any of the animals used in the show’s production were harmed in any way. On the contrary, Crystal the monkey was known for flashing her big smile on the small screen, making her far and away the best thing that ANIMAL PRACTICE had going for it. Crystal knew that she was a star, and she loved every moment of it.

During it’s short run, Crystal the monkey was the highest paid animal star on television, earning a reported $12,000 a week, also making the animal star one of TV’s highest paid actors overall. Crystal was also the star of the popular movie, THE HANGOVER II.

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