Gary Glitter has become the first major UK celebrity to face arrest in the wake of the widening Jimmy Savile sex scandal. Glitter was arrested and held at Scotland Yard for nine hours of questioning after recent revelations claimed that the major UK glam rock star of the 1970’s once raped a 13 year old schoolgirl in the dressing room of one of Jimmy Savile’s two hit shows, JIM’LL DO IT. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile were good friends, with Glitter a frequent guest on Savile’s two shows. And Gary Glitter was once a giant on the UK pop charts, challenging Marc Bolan of T.Rex for being the “king of glam rock”.

After posting bail, Glitter was released from jail, but has an upcoming December court appearance according to UK sources. If Glitter is put on trial and sent to prison, it would be his third stint in prison due to child sex abuse charges. Glitter strongly denies the allegations of raping the 13 year old schoolgirl, however the claimed victim’s interview on a British news investigation show, PANORAMA, was widely viewed last week and really pushed the envelope forcing law enforcement to act.

In the wake of the growing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, the family of Savile broke his headstone from his grave into pieces and scattered the broken pieces of the headstone in a landfill to show their public disgust over their relatives alleged behavior. where around 300 claimed victims of Savile’s sexual abuse are said to currently exist. But, even this act by his family didn’t deter some vandals from attacking Savile’s former home and writing graffiti condemning Savile. A great niece of Savile has also stepped forth, claiming that she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was just 12 years old.

Gary Glitter’s arrest is widely expected to be just the first of many arrests to take place as a result of this ever widening sex abuse scandal. And while most the entertainers who potentially might face arrest live in the UK, there is the possibility that some well known U.S. entertainers may face arrest and possibly be put in trial in the UK as well.

In the United States, Gary Glitter’s biggest hit was “Rock And Roll( Part 2)”, a very intense red-blooded instrumental often played during crunch time in NBA basketball games and other sporting events. Gary Glitter was known for a primitive sounding, testosterone charged chest beating style of music that seemed very macho at times, other times Glitter seemed much like a modern UK version of Elvis or even a Las Vegas type entertainer. But, at one point his backing band, The Glitter Band, split from him and pursued their own career and released their own albums in the UK.