In late September, a 15 year old sophomore Texas honor student helped another student cheat and instead of being suspended chose to be spanked instead. And after the young girl’s mother gave the school permission to spank her daughter with a paddle as punishment, the incident became a huge story in Texas after the male school principal wielded the wooden paddle on the girl leaving her sore and her bottom bruised and blistered red. Since the incident, Taylor Santos and her mom have taken to the airwaves with news interviews and Taylor’s Facebook page is now adorned like some memorial site with pictures of paddles that she apparently has posted to illustrate just the sort of weapon that blistered her ass as punishment for helping someone to cheat at school.

She’s now considered to be a public figure because of the notoriety from the spanking incident. Corporal punishment is still allowed in a small number of states, mostly in the South, but has been abolished in 31 other states including the District Of Columbia. But, the girl and her family are now championing some cause against spanking in the schools. And her story continues to fuel debate this month.

Paddling students at school as punishment is rapidly declining in use. In 1976, 1.5 million students were punished this way at schools in the U.S. But, by 2005-2006, this number had dropped down to a little over 220,000 students.

As medieval and draconian as spanking students at school may seem these days, probably what Taylor Santos experienced actually was pretty mild compared to the sorts of corporal punishments many students once experienced here in the U.S. and in places like England, where things like rattan canes were once used, sometimes on the bare skin to raise welts and bruises that would be sore for days to remind the student of their offenses. Some school districts in the UK set rules allowing for up to 18 strokes, which is a lot worse than a lick or two with paddle like Taylor Santos likely got. Further, you have to ask whether some male principal who spanks teenage girls might be getting some sort of a sexual thrill out of the discipline procedure. Could such discipline eventually lead down a path to sex abuse at some schools? Private schools such as Catholic Schools in the U.S. once had a lot of corporal punishment in them. But, there was also a lot of undisclosed sexual abuse going on as well. Is allowing corporal punishment in schools just asking for problems to develop?

But, some bloggers and others have a unique take on what happened. Jessica Wakeman over at the FRISKY opposes spanking as a punishment for children at school or at home, seeing that spanking should be a sexual act for consenting adults only, and she admits to enjoying consensual spankings in the bedroom with her lover. Wakeman rejects that Taylor Santos and her mom were concerned about the resulting “welts and bruises”, because that’s what happens during a spanking, Jessica argues. Further, there’s plenty of young women over the age of 18 who voluntarily will star in spanking porn movies for a paycheck. Sites like Real Spankings, a Colorado based company, features perhaps hundreds of young women willing to be spanked for a paycheck. A few models at the site are apparently even willing to take harder than usual spankings in a series the site calls the “Real Discipline” Series, in which some models are paid to be spanked harder as punishment for some claimed actual offense, such as drinking too much. Some other sites have copied this idea as well. It still might be more a sexual fantasy than anything, but by adding the “real discipline” angle, the movies likely have some enhanced appeal to an audience of buyers. But, more than few models at this site appeared to have taken a school paddling as part of some sex fantasy role playing and none have taken to the public airwaves or set up a Facebook page complaining about the resulting redness or bruises afterwards.

Likely, Jessica Wakeman has it right. Spanking may be just too sexual to be used as a real life punishment for children, and should be just left to the adults in the bedroom. But, Taylor Santos and her family are also making a big deal out of just the sort of discipline that millions upon millions have once experienced at some time or other as well. You’d think from all that complaining about probably the only real spanking she’s ever had in her whole life, that she was some sort of torture victim or something. She isn’t. She was only spanked at school for bad behavior. That’s all. And, she’s probably fully recovered nicely since that spanking, and likely won’t think twice about helping another student cheat ever again. Which is what that spanking was supposed to teach her to begin with. It was a lesson, but a hard one, not to be naughty at school. The spanking also likely deterred other potential cheaters at her school as well.

We’re sorry you had to punished to learn your lesson, Taylor. But, get over it and move on.