Popular Hispanic Senator Marco Rubio’s daughter was injured and life-flighted to a hospital following a golf cart accident in a gated community in which the family lives. She was listed in fair condition. Marco Rubio was campaigning for Romney when he learned of the serious accident.

Marco Rubio has been a critic of the “Obamacare” legislation, however members of Congress and senators have health care coverage provided free of charge. That’s just one of many perks they have. And, likely few of the voters in Marco Rubio’s state are wealthy enough to live in gated communities that have golf courses on them.

But, we certainly wish the senator’s daughter well here. We also hope this incident helps him to realize that when many people get sick or have an accident in his home state, they need medical help, but often can’t afford it. There needs to be some path for those people to get medical attention as well, regardless of their income situation.