ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and other sources are now indicating that former HAPPY DAYS star, Erin Moran is now living homeless in Indiana. Now 51, the former child star who played Joanie Cunningham on the former #1 TV show in the United States is bouncing from cheap hotel to hotel after losing her trailer she was living in. Her life have been said to be plagued with mental health issues and alcohol abuse since her days as a popular child performer. She was featured in the CELEBRITY FIT CLUB in 2010, but displayed odd and bizarre behavior during a bus ride.

Today, cameras catch Erin Moran smoking cigarettes on the street with little much to do these days after her trailer she shared with her husband was foreclosed on back in September, putting the two on the streets.

There have been some calls on the Internet for Ron Howard to step forth and at least buy his former co-star a trailer to live in. Whether any former co-stars of this show now step forth and help will be up to them.