The former Governor of New Hampshire and top advisor and spokesman for the Romney Campaign has had another colorful week to say the least. On Monday, after the presidential debate, Sununu was supposed to make himself available to reporters in the “spin room” to give his take on the debate. But, when Conan O’Brien sent Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to interview the controversial former governor, Sununu angrily snubbed the comic interview, while others such as former New York Governor George Pataki had a lighthearted and funny interview with Triumph. Pataki has always been known as a good sport, and is good friends with radio host Howard Stern as well, frequently phoning into his wildly popular radio show. Sununu had a real opportunity to show a warm side to viewers of the Conan O’Brien’s show, but instead managed to alienate these viewers by acting like the biggest possible asshole to be associated with Romney, let alone a major advisor and spokesman for his campaign.

As bad as this was, Sununu, proving himself to be ever the greatest asshole of all time, actually topped this horrid performance with something far worse. When military hero and top former General Colin Powell announced his endorsement of President Obama late this week, Sununu had the balls to infer that the general only did this because both are African American.

Sununu also made the very controversial remark claiming that the president was “lazy” after his first lackluster debate performance. Some interpreted this as smacking of old time racism as well, and thought the remark was very offensive, when less pointed words certainly could have been used to describe the off night for the president. Many would say the last debate performance of candidate Romney wasn’t great, but so far no one offered a racist angle to describe that performance that I’ve seen published. So you have to wonder why Sununu made a statement that many might take offense to that went way too far.

In any scheme of things, being an open-pit racist is probably far worse than just being a run-of-the-mill asshole. And this reflects very poorly on candidate Romney as well, who has surrounded himself with a bunch of former George W. Bush retreads like Sununu. In fact, 70% of Romney’s top advisors are retreads from the former Bush Administration, which wasn’t known as the greatest American presidency of all time by any means. Sununu is likely in line to receive some major cabinet post or other position from Romney if he’s elected. But, that should be little comfort to some voters that Romney has chosen to surround himself with some guy like Sununu who’s extremely arrogant and rude, and now has proven himself to be a major league asshole racist as well.