Rod Stewart Offers Up A Great Life Autobiography

As Rod Stewart and his brothers and sisters have aged, the legendary singer wanted to offer up the best possible life autobiography before his siblings would pass away, robbing him of their first hand views about their very successful brother. From his early days as an aspiring soccer player to his early gig as the lead singer for Jeff Beck’s band and later Faces, before embarking on his successful solo vocalist career, Rod Stewart’s book covers it all here. And while many singers have lived lives well wasted, Rod Stewart’s more measured life has allowed him to continue to produce for decades after others burnt themselves out with hard living, alcohol or drug abuse.

“Maggie May” might have been Rod Stewart’s biggest stroke of luck as a solo act. The surprise hit managed to help to sell the album, EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY in scads, making Rod Stewart a strong fixture on the music scene. Some might lament Rod Stewart leaving Faces as their lead singer. And certainly the harder rock style of this band produced some great singles such as Rod’s crooning, “Stay With Me”, but the softer rock styles of Rod’s solo efforts, where he has now become something of a modern-day Tony Bennett type easy listening performer seem to have heavily paid off for the singer.

Rod Stewart seems to be fully embracing this easy listening crown these days. He has a new soft music album of Christmas songs that is just out, and another new album of all new songs that he has written himself will debut around March or so. But, for now, his new autobiography should be plenty for his fans to digest and should end up on more than a few Christmas wish lists or as surprise gift to some delighted fan of the singer.

If you can’t find Rod’s new book at your local bookstore, then give Amazon or Ebay a try. Many dealers are offering the book on either site. Amazon even allows you to peek inside the book, and to sample it before buying. Being able to browse before you buy is nearly as good as any brick and mortar bookstore can offer.

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