Motorbravo, a Chinese manufacturer of motorcycles has a great sport bike styled motorcycle for you that’s as easy to ride as any motorscooter. Using the same sort of very dependable Honda GY6 automatic CVT scooter engine technology as many Chinese motorscooters, Motorbravo has combined the style of a sport bike with the ease of use of any automatic CVT scooter or moped. The result is a dependable and manageable, but not overpowered 150cc 85mpg motorcycle/scooter hybrid vehicle.

Without the hassle of changing gears, the Motorbravo MP-150-LKY offers the beginning rider or those stepping up from a basic moped their first motorcycle experience on the road without the difficulty of learning critical gear shifting. And with features like front and rear disc brakes, the motorcycle is easy enough to stop as well.

This seems like an intelligent vehicle here, because some Chinese motorcycles with a purely motorcycle based engine and manual transmission design have had a bad reputation for some issues or problems. Motorbravo’s design is able to combine proven safe and durable technology from mopeds and scooters into one neat package, giving the buyer complete confidence of a long running, safe and very fuel efficient vehicle. And with $4 a gallon gas, this sort of vehicle, with simple licensing rules as any 150cc moped or scooter should appeal to many riders.

With a 2 gallon fuel tank and a range on the order of 150 miles, give or take, this design should be more than adequate to ride to work or school with few hassles. Given the high price of gas these days, you sure could much worse than this handy little ride.

The Motorbravo sport bike is available from XTM Motorsports at (801)390-0777, or check out their website on the Internet for more great products.