The Conservative-run government of Prime Minister David Cameron could be threatened by the growing BBC sex scandal, where the late popular BBC host Jimmy Savile was said to have 200 or more victims of claimed sexual abuse. The BBC has had bipartisan support in the UK and is tax supported, however questions now asked are how could the BBC keep sexual abuse allegations under wraps for 40 years, despite the supposed oversight of successive British governments. And where was the oversight of David Cameron’s government in recent times, where it was a rival independent network’s own investigation that brought this entire sex scandal to light.

Jimmy Savile died last year at the age of 84, but he was once the host of two of the most popular BBC programs including TOP OF THE POPS and also JIM’LL FIX IT. The wildly popular entertainer and host sometimes drew audiences of around 20 million viewers which was a phenomenal ratings pull for a nation with a viewing audience of only around 50 million persons total. Those ratings were simply incredible. But, now the news that this beloved host may have been one of the nation’s most prolific sex offenders is a great shock to the nation.

Jimmy Savile now becomes the most popular UK entertainer accused of sexual abuse since rock star Gary Glitter, who was once one of the most popular chart topping acts in the UK during the 1970’s. And in fact, Gary Glitter is now being accused of raping a 13 year old girl while appearing on Jimmy Savile’s JIM”LL FIX IT show, while Jimmy Savile and another celebrity were sexually abusing two 14 year olds from a Surrey school in the same dressing room. Glitter now will reportedly face police questioning, and perhaps even new criminal charges could be filed, as the singer faced two previous arrests, one in the UK and one in Vietnam over sexual abuse related charges. Jimmy Savile was a controversial rare defender of Gary Glitter the first time that he went to prison in the UK, claiming that he did nothing wrong. But, now the two accused sex offenders don’t have each others back.

As the UK worries about the European economic mess, after basking in the glory of the Summer Olympic games, this new scandal will likely cast another dark shadow over the nation. Further, the likelihood that the United States could choose an unproven new president, who looks to have serious weaknesses in foreign policy as well as suspect economic policies is already a concern to many in Europe who feel much more comfortable with the current American government. A new American president would likely make the UK feel more isolated, and more in charge of their own destiny until a new American president grows sufficiently in his office, only furthering the sense of concern in the UK right now. The government of David Cameron certainly didn’t need the BBC sex scandal right now. It could eventually bring down this government if the scandal has enough legs.