ANIMAL PRACTICE & Other Ratings Endangered Shows

Sometimes just waiting for a new show with poor ratings to be given the ax is much like watching the long death battle of former dictator Franco. It’s neither fun nor pretty. One struggling new FOX series, MOB DOCTOR, which follows the far more successful medical crime drama, BONES, has gratefully been on a temporary hiatus during the baseball playoffs, and now World Series. This is the best thing for this new show which likely could have been canceled by now if not for this lucky break. But, just like some zombie struggling along, FOX will let the series live again and give the show another chance on Mondays after BONES in November. But, this doctor is on life support right here, where FOX could easily pull the plug on this patient.

And, normally CBS knows how to crank out the safe and sure hits as the #1 network on the air. But, the freshman Monday comedy, PARTNERS, has been struggling each week with soft ratings. Last week, for example, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER garnered 7.9 million viewers despite lots of competition. But, PARTNERS only drew just 6.1 million viewers in the next comedy time slot for CBS. Then 2 BROKE GIRLS got back 9.3 million viewers, while MIKE & MOLLY drew 9.1 million viewers following PARTNERS. CBS realizes that that’s not particularly good, when more than a million viewers flee a show and go elsewhere when it’s on. Likely CBS will give the new show just a little bit more time to build an audience. But, if that doesn’t happen very soon, the new show will be gone.

NBC is doing better this year in the ratings than most recent years, however two new comedies, ANIMAL PRACTICE and Jimmy Fallon’s GUYS WITH KIDS both appear to be struggling for the network, where the network might well be a search right now for some stronger programing to lead off this prime time 8pm hour long slot in their schedule.

Over at ABC, two new comedies, BEN & KATE and NEIGHBORS are both struggling to find a solid audience, and both are on a watch list to face likely cancellation unless their fortunes soon improve.

Networks like NBC are learning that it takes more than just a cute little monkey in medical attire or an OFFICE ripoff type premise to have a hit these days. Likewise, each network has one at least one struggling new series that they are stuck with until the show finally catches on or else dies in the ratings. But, the bottom line is that the networks are a business, and not a charity. And especially during the upcoming November sweeps, the networks cannot afford weak shows that don’t make decent money by not selling good enough advertising revenues. Some shows are going to be canceled that were mentioned here.

NBC is paying a reported $12,000 a week to a monkey named Crystal to play Dr. Rizzo on ANIMAL PRACTICE. The fact of the matter that’s a lot of bananas that NBC has to sell to pay salaries like this. And NBC doesn’t want anyone to make a monkey out of them. Shows like this need to perform better, and real soon, or they are likely gone…..real soon. Crystal may be ever smiling and cheerful, totally unaware that her job is in great danger here unless the public quickly embraces her show.

Let’s just hope for the sake of poor little Crystal that ANIMAL PRACTICE does better very soon.

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