Back in August right before Mitt Romney was set to be nominated by the Republican Party, the platform committee slipped some of the most extreme anti-pornography language ever into the party platform, and Romney has signaled that he would use his Justice Department in a crackdown on all types of adult materials, including those sold by convenience stores as well as cable TV. This is only further bad news to the $9.49 billion dollar industry that has suffered through the worst of the recession as well efforts such as in Los Angeles to require “barrier” devices in the production of films or magazines.

There is every reason to believe that Romney would support a crackdown on adult materials. He is a former LDS church church bishop, who might well abuse his position as president to help to enforce his own religious views on American society, while many millions of other Americans view adult materials as simply a matter of free choice in a free society. The U.S. adult entertainment industry might be forced to spend millions of dollars for legal fights all over the country if Romney’s Justice Department would start a social war on free expression to push his own religion’s social values on America as a whole.

As a rule, Republican administrations tend to prosecute enough large distributors of adult materials to cost the industry millions of dollars in fines or asset seizures, and rack up enough prison terms for heads of some companies to make life uncomfortable for many adult businesses. Republican administrations tend to be very bad for business for adult entertainment. America tends to become more uptight and repressed during these years, where the social environment shifts to more conservative values, while others continue to rebel against this social conservatism. Social conservatism may be one of the biggest legacies of the Romney Administration as some of his economic or foreign policy plans may actually harm rather than help, so projecting conservative social goals might be used to divert public attention away from other policies that aren’t working as planned. This new social conservatism could take away the business empires that many adult business leaders have built. They know that. They fear that.

Since depictions of adult sexual intercourse has become commonplace in most adult publications and films these days would mean that the Republican Administration would have to roll back what is viewed as acceptable to depict in these materials somehow, which would mean to keep prosecuting materials not thought of as being legally obscene in hopes of eventually getting an obscenity conviction somewhere. The hope would be that many companies would eventually just go out of business out of fear of prosecution or huge legal bills.

Can the Romney Administration’s Justice Department rollback the concept of obscenity to a point that most materials sold today would vanish as illegal? Who knows? But, the adult industry is certainly living in fear these days that Romney, a Mormon, whose own church is so socially conservative that his church bans drinking Coca Cola or coffee might become president. Someone so far out from the values of most mainstream Americans should give many Americans concern. But, for the adult industry, he invokes sheer fear if he gives many political paybacks to some social conservatives who helped to get him elected such as engaging in a big crackdown on the adult entertainment industry.

The intent of the Bill Of Rights was to protect the rights for minority speech in America. However, the controversial 1973 Supreme Court decision changed all of that, where any local community can decide what sort of speech they want to criminalize and oppress. The federal government then must shop for a very conservative community to prosecute some obscure magazine, book or movie in. So the “tail can wag the dog” here. A small community with the most conservative of values has the power to dictate to the rest of the country what is acceptable. It’s doubtful that the founding fathers of the U.S. ever intended for law to work this way, but the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision allows this absurd amount of power to be wielded by some small community to decide for the entire country what is socially acceptable. It also gives a small community the right to decide what a large medium like the Internet is allowed to offer. That’s an incredible step backwards for bad law that doesn’t recognize the modern age and gives the power to some to not just dislike something they don’t care for, but to actually criminalize things they don’t like as the Bill Of Rights was weakened by that terrible 1973 court decision.