Anyone who purchases the new album, TEMPEST, by Bob Dylan will be shocked to hear one track called “Early Roman Kings”. The music backing up this song is nearly identical to the old Muddy Waters blues classic, “I’m A Man”. And while defenders of Bob Dylan may argue that many old blues guitar riffs have been traditionally handed down over the years, it still seems that the music here is little more than someone’s else’s work that Dylan put his own new lyrics to.

Bob Dylan has been accused of ripping off other musicians or songs before by some critics. On the album, MODERN TIMES, “Thunder On The Mountain”, sounds like pure Chuck Berry and is most similar to Berry’s song, “Let It Rock”. The song also seems to borrow heavily from the blues classic, “Ma Rainey”, which was written and performed by blues legend, Memphis Minnie. The song strangely inserts lyrics about Alicia Keyes of all things as well.

Nowadays, at the age of 71, Bob Dylan finds himself being controversial once again, but this time for different reasons. The interesting poetry of his lyrics are still here, but they seem to be paired with music that not always appears to be truly his own works, more than inspired by the music of others.

And, about that look of Bob Dylan these days. Vincent Price just called from the grave, and wants his look back as well.