Weird New Twist In Starbucks Barista Murder

The terrible case of the murdered Starbucks barista from Gresham took on a weird new twist as it turns out that both the murder victim, Whitney Heichel, and her accused murderer, Jonathan Holt turned out to both be members of the same Gresham area Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall church congregation. Interestingly enough, members of this tightly-knit church were quick to rally to help aid in the search for their missing member, helping to bring the case to a quick conclusion. So, it seems highly shocking that a member of this very religious community would be accused of such a terrible crime against a fellow church member.

There was little evidence that Jonathan Holt was a dangerous personality, as he had no worse than some old traffic tickets in his criminal background report. So, what motivated Holt to abduct and then murder a fellow member of his own church who also lived in the same apartment complex as him remains a matter of further investigation.

A very strange crime tale here!

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