Sony Pictures own streaming movie network recently released the dvd for THE UNKNOWN, season one, and it’s a real gem of original programming. Much like TALES FROM THE CRYPT or other horror anthology programs, THE UNKNOWN manages to spin some pretty twisted supernatural tales of horror and monsters. The dvd is for sale in retailers as well as available for rental in Redbox machines right now, and is well worth a look to see what this incredible streaming movie network can do.

The premise of THE UNKNOWN is that a blogger for the supernatural is visited by a number of persons who tell strange tales of horror from the supernatural, and every episode is a real thriller, often with no predictable outcome by the viewer before the shocking conclusion of each wierd tale.

Crackle still doesn’t have the audience power of a major cable TV network. Yet, if THE UNKNOWN is any indication, Crackle looks like a true strong contender in excellent original programming, and well worth getting the app to watch streaming original programming and Sony-owned movies on this great new entertainment site.

Crackle’s catch phrase may be “It’s On”, might actually be noted as it’s right on!