More details are emerging about the death of 28 year old actor, Johnny Lewis, who went on a violent rampage before falling to his death off a building rooftop. New reports now claim that the actor was high on a drug called “smiles” before he fatally beat his 81 year old landlady and her cat to death, and fought with two neighbors and a painter before falling to his death. The actor appeared as a “prospect” on THE SONS OF ANARCHY, as a young man hoping to earn admission into the motorcycle club. He was in 26 episodes of the series.

Some reports are also claiming that the actor was having mental health issues due to a bipolar condition and had also been associated with the Scientology Church in an effort to improve his life and to get a handle on his problems. But, in the end it looked like drug abuse proved fatal to the young actor, who was a favorite of many fans on the show as an useful supporting member in the cast.

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