What’s the deal over at SNL? Has the show run out of gas already? After just two episodes and the beginning of the new Fall season for most TV shows, SNL aired just twice before going into a rerun with Mick Jagger this past Saturday. And while the premier episode seemed so good, the second episode seemed lacking of most laughs and a phoned-in effort, and then the rerun. What’s wrong here.

SNL actually posted strong numbers for the premiere episode with Seth MacFarlane, but really fell down with bad writing on the next new episode, but will be back with three new episodes starting this weekend with Mr. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. If James Bond can’t help SNL get back on track, then no one can.

But, seriously, SNL is missing some key player talent this year such as Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and other supporting players such as Abby Elliot. And the show isn’t better for it. The writing seems to be suffering as much as the acting. This seems amazing because some of the election year humor seems to almost write itself and make the job at SNL pretty easy. Yet, jokes seem to be sometimes few and far between.

C’mon SNL. You need to pick up the ball. Suddenly, I find myself missing Norm MacDonald.

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