There’s been a strange new crime wave of women getting naked and acting crazy after smoking bath salts sold by head supply shops. The bath salts are actually a form of powerful synthetic hallucinogenic drug that are deliberately mislabeled as bath salts “not for human consumption” for legal reasons, but continue to create outrageous behavior in users after smoked. The most famous case was one of a man who ate part of the face of another man under the influence of this powerful drug. However, several women have done very bizarre acts under the influence of these dangerous drugs.

Samantha Edwards, 26, of Springfield, Missouri was arrested for the second time earlier this month after smoking bath salts, getting high, and then stripping naked in a public park. The young woman threw off her bra and exposed her genitals to the public in the park after climbing onto a maintenance building, putting on a lewd public show.

In June, another weird case of a woman high on bath salts, Shane Shuyler of Miami, Florida, was arrested for getting naked and exposing herself to a three year old girl under the influence of the synthetic drug. And a New York woman, Pamela McCarthy, died of cardiac arrest after police had no choice but to taser her after she punched her young son and ran naked out of control into the streets and could not be controlled by the police. And a Texas woman crashed her car, took off all her clothes, and then began eating ice cream under the influence of the drug. There have also been a number of naked crime incidents involving men as well.

Under normal circumstances a naked woman in the right circumstance might be viewed as a very good thing. But, certainly not in the case of some women acting crazy on these powerful hallucinogenic synthetic drugs, and their bizarre naked crime sprees.