“Bobbie The Wonderdog” might have only lived just six years between 1921 and 1927, but his amazing story only continues to confound and create new controversy. While on car vacation in Indiana, a Silverton, Oregon family lost Bobbie, and gave up hope ever finding him again. But, strangely after being lost six months, Bobbie showed up on the family’s doorstep in Silverton, Oregon, malnourished, with feet worn down to the bone, having apparently walked 2,551 miles all the way back home from Indiana to Silverton. It was such an incredible feat that Bobbie was once a big star in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and became a town hero in Springfield.

Unfortunately, years of controversy have taken place since Bobbie was buried in a pet cemetery in Portland, Oregon, despite calls from residents of Springfield to return the body of Bobbie since his 1927 death. Now, there are possible plans to move his remains back to Springfield, where his legend has remained a great source of pride and has resulted in an annual parade since his story first broke in the 1920’s.

Bobbie’s story is considered to be one of the greatest cases of paranormal activity among animals, although there are many more cases of dogs or cats traveling a long distance after being lost to find their way back home. I once had a cat that was lost twice, but she found her way back home twice. The second time her feet were badly worn and she was very malnourished and only lived for a few days after that return, before collapsing and dying from her ordeal. How far she traveling wasn’t known, but it had to be a long distance within Portland, judging from the condition of her feet.

How animals are able to tell directions and find their way back home from a long distance, including just within a large city is not known, but a great scientific mystery without explanation.