WTF? NY Subway Perverts Don’t Face Prison Time

An interesting ruling by the highest court in the state of NY, only allows arrested NYC subway perverts who masturbate and ejaculate on female victims on the crowded system to be prosecuted as a misdemeanor offense rather than a felony. The New York State Court Of Appeals ruled that those arrested for exposing their penises and rubbing and grinding them against the bodies of female victims on the crowded NYC subway system doesn’t meet the legal standards of “forcible compulsion” to be prosecuted as a form of first degree sexual abuse, but instead can only be prosecuted as a misdemeanor sex offense, with only a maximum penalty of one year in county jail, and three years probation.

In one particular case, a large 300 pound man, Jason Mack, exposed his penis and rubbed against a 14 year freshman high school student until he ejaculated on her clothing, but this case was ruled by New York’s highest court to only be prosecutable as a misdemeanor sex offense rather than a felony that carries up to a seven year prison sentence.

The NY court ruling probably doesn’t give females who ride the crowded system very much consolation. And it sure doesn’t pay their dry cleaning bills either. Better bring an umbrella. It’s wet inside the NYC subway system.

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  • Around here that kind of conduct would result in a swift kick to the offending parts. (and probably a few other places for good measure)