ZZ Top, the legendary blues oriented hard rock band will guest star as the musical guest on Jay Leno tonight. The group is out on tour promoting their new album, LA FUTURA, which is their first new studio album since 2003. The new album is a critically acclaimed collection of 10 songs, four of which were available earlier this Summer on a digital download EP. However, if you buy the Best Buy version of the album, it includes two more bonus songs not sold on the album available from other record outlets. LA FUTURA also is available in a high quality vinyl 2 lp record set as well, for you platter fans who don’t dig those digital bits of information.

ZZ Top witnessed their greatest period of success during the late 70’s into the 1980’s when MTV gave heavy airplay to musical videos such as “Sharp Dressed Man” and a custom hot rod adorned with special ZZ Top paint and beautiful models with long legs became a characteristic of this band as recognizable as their long beards.

Although the band had some success with LIVE IN TEXAS, including a DVD of that show, the new album appears to be a legitimate comeback attempt by the legendary band to have a hit these days. And the exposure on Jay Leno’s talk show sure can’t hurt, and ought to sell the three man outfit a few cds.

And ZZ Top has always had quite an appeal to bikers as well, with more than a few songs making this band one group, like Steppenwolf, that appeals to fans of Harleys and other bad ass bikes. A custom bike built for the band, Hogzilla, has been a favorite at custom car and bike shows, along with the Eliminator coupe from the famous ELIMINATOR album music videos and album cover art of the band.

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