After a week of missteps including the leak of some disparaging remarks in a video about many Obama voters being on welfare or government assistance of some type, Mitt Romney appeared for an interview on the major U.S. Latino market TV station, Univision, in “Brown Face” of all things. Comics such as Jay Leno and others immediately started a new round of jokes about the candidate who has done terrific self-inflicted damage to his own campaign in the last few days by his own hand. Earlier in the week, Romney was campaigning in Missouri and other locations with a much paler complexion, fueling speculation that the candidate thought that some sort of deliberate cosmetic skin darkening would somehow make him more attractive to Latino voters, where he trails President Obama by around 40 points. Romney also managed to offend many Latino voters this week by also claiming that most illegal immigrants lack suitable skills or talents for employment, which many Latino voters also found very offensive.

Now the Romney will have to explain his bizarre appearance for the Univision interview, and whether it was a deliberate attempt for the candidate to look more Latino for many voters. But, the new look by Romney is outraging some Latino voters, who are comparing Romney’s bizarre appearance to old “Black Face” racist comedy bits during the 1930’s.

Romney had a serious attempt to improve his image among many Latino voters, but instead came across looking like something of a panderer or even a racist, which is another public relations disaster for the candidate and very sad for his campaign.

Another message of the campaign, that Romney could better balance the federal budget came into question after it was disclosed that the Romney Campaign was forced to take out a $20 million dollar loan in August in order to pay it’s own bills. Despite out-pacing President Obama during much of the Summer in fund-raising, the Romney Campaign spent more than it took in, and could not pay it’s bills if not for the loan.

As far as attempting to look more Latino for the Univision appearance, Romney instead looked like a damn fool to many viewers who have expressed outrage on the Internet and other places. What’s wrong with this guy anyway?

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