Lindsay Lohan’s latest brush with the law came today as she was arrested for hitting a man in the knee with her black Porsche in NYC, and apparently fled the scene of the accident according to the police complaint. For his part, the man was taken to the hospital, but was quickly released after no real injuries appeared to be found, however, legally, Lindsay Lohan might have broken the law. And reportedly, one of Lindsay Lohan’s passengers exited the car looking for damage to the car instead of showing concern for the man who was actually hit by her car.

Lohan and her passengers went into a NYC hotel, but Lohan was arrested about 30 minutes later after she left the scene of the accident instead of staying around to give a police report as required by law for an incident in which a probable pedestrian injury could have occurred.

Well, what can you say? Another day, another precious Lindsay Lohan moment. Lindsay Lohan, the gift that keeps on giving.