So why not just continue our sexy back to school theme for college girls here?

While most college aged girls are thinking about hitting the books real soon, another young college aged woman is thinking about just getting erotically hit for a few British pounds. One of the most unusual ads is posted on the Internet by one young UK woman.

If you happen to live in London, a young woman by the name of Katy has one heck of an outrageous naughty schoolgirl live show business for you. For 200 British pounds, Katy and her friend, who plays her mom, will come to your residence and put on a wild naughty schoolgirl fantasy play in which her “mom” will spank her with both hand and paddle, and then finish off Katy with six traditional British school cane strokes across her naughty bottom just to teach her a final lesson. WTF?

There’s no sex involved. Just an outrageous naughty schoolgirl fantasy play, performed live in your home for one hour that appears to leave Katy a little red and bruised, but a few pounds wealthier.

Unique and bizarre both. A very strange business.