The filmmaker thought responsible for the antiMuslim hate film that spurred riots and violent demonstrations throughout at least 23 countries has come in for voluntary talks with federal agents. Nakoula Basselley Nakaula was on probation for bank fraud and had been ordered not to use a computer or to use aliases as terms of his probation. But, he could now potentially be sent back to prison for violating those terms of probation.

In Los Angeles, the office that manages the terms of probation will review the actions of Nakoula Basselley Nakaula and make a decision whether to arrest him and send him back to either jail or prison.

Nakoula was born in Egypt, however is a Coptic Christian rather than a Muslim. He had a prior arrest and conviction for being in possession of materials to produce meth. He also violated probation terms in that case, and was sent back to jail for one year after serving his original sentence of one year.

The actors in the film claim to have been duped into making a harmless and noncontroversial film, but then hateful dialog was dubbed into the film making the film into a form of antiMuslim hate speech. The White House and State Department were quick to denounce the film, however with only half facts, both candidate Mitt Romney and some political conservatives were quick to claim that the White House was “apologizing” to Muslims and not supporting free speech, unaware that the filmmaker was a twice convicted criminal, and his role in the film might have been in violation of his latest probation terms. It also was one of the first times that a major presidential candidate spoke out in critical terms during an international crisis. Romney was heavily criticized by most political analysts of his move, however, in the short term he might have strengthened his hand with some very conservative voters for offering up his awkward comments during the international crisis.

Likely, this entire international event will be a main subject of discussion on the Sunday talk shows.