SNL will undergo a few important casting changes this weekend as longtime cast members Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Abby Elliot exit the show and new featured players Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson join the cast. Jason Sedeikus is in an interesting position. He will continue to play Mitt Romney until the election, and should Romney lose, then he will likely soon leave the show. If Romney wins, then Sedeikus might likely continue to appear at least through this season until another suitable Romney impersonator is found.

Cecily Strong looks like the new cast member to watch for this season. She’s a bright spot in the Chicago-based Second City comedy touring theater ensemble. Strong has all the strengths as a comedy actress to quickly become the most important female lead comedy actress on SNL with the departure of Kristen Wiig, who also quickly rose to fill the important shoes of departed SNL actress Amy Poehler. Both Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler quickly rose to become two of the greatest female actresses that SNL has ever had in the history of the show.

The city of Chicago’s theater scene has proved to be a fertile recruiting ground for talent for SNL over the years, giving SNL great actors such as John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as well as Bill Murray and Tina Fey.

And the departure of Abby Elliot after four years as a supporting featured player on SNL will be missed as well. Elliot is the very talented daughter of controversial comic, Chris Elliot. Abby Elliot had more than few funny impressions that she performed on the show. Her father, by comparison, had an interesting shtick that not everyone seemed to understand. With his start on David Letterman’s late night talk show, Chris Elliot would make himself the subject of ridicule by appearing to be a very poor comic as part of his act, where Letterman would deprecate his routine. It was a strange sort of “underdog” act shtick that was distinctive of his own making that make Chris Elliot an unique talent, not always appreciated by the entire public, but endeared by his fans. His daughters act seemed to be much more simply straight forward comedy acting by comparison, not involving the more complicated shtick of her father. Chris Elliot was the son of Bob Elliot, from the legendary Bob and Ray comedy team. This makes three generations of Elliots in comedy, and perhaps the greatest family comedy dynasty ever. You can certainly expect to see more of Abby Elliot over the years. This talented family has a lot more to give.

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