Hollywood for one isn’t much better off than they were four years ago. In fact, Hollywood scored the worst box office results since four years ago, and was only marginally better off than the combined box office results in 2001 only days after the September 11 attacks in New York. Strangely, after the movie theater attack in Colorado, box office results seemed to ebb downward, combined with films that don’t really peak the public’s interest, only combining to create a perfect storm where many top films now struggle to earn back their production costs.

This weekend might have grossed around a total of $67 million for all of the top first run films playing combined, and THE POSSESSION was able to garner just $9.5 million of that total, making it one of the weakest leading films of recent years.

Weak films, some lingering doubts about attending films after the Colorado shooting incident, high ticket costs, back to school distractions, the Democratic Convention, all of these distraction left Hollywood in a funk this past weekend. Now Hollywood looks to some better films to life moviegoer spirits and box office receipts.