The biggest blockbuster news story being missed right now by the mainstream media is the events leading up to a possible huge “October Surprise” war against Iran that could whisk President Obama back into office by a wide vote margin. According to Russian news and other foreign sources, top cleric and military leaders are warning the people of Iran that a huge possible military action or war may soon be launched against their nation, very likely coming from Israel. However, the United States is rushing a third major aircraft carrier, the John Stennis into the Persian Gulf area to keep the Strait Of Hormuz free of a possible threat of Iran using mines to block oil deliveries to the West through the narrow waterway. The John Stennis will join the Abraham Lincoln and the Enterprise in the region, giving the United States more than enough firepower to defeat the small Iranian Navy, mostly made of small Swedish-produced speedboats and smaller ships that would be no match for American warships capable of launching cruise missiles or aircraft carriers capable of launching widespread air attacks on the Iranian Navy or military.

Israel has also taken steps in the last few days to use aircraft to knock out early warning systems in Lebanon, meaning that Israel is likely to attack Hezbollah positions in Lebanon at same time that it strikes Iranian military and nuclear sites if such an attack takes place soon.

Ahead of all of these ominous signs that a new military confrontation against Iran may soon take place before the U.S. presidential election, probably sometime in October, is more bad diplomatic news by both Canada and the EU for Iran. Canada closed the Iranian Embassy in their country, and the EU is talking new tougher sanctions against Iran, which is known as the largest ally of the regime in Syria.

But, both current and former Israeli security officials continue to warn the government of Israel that military action against Iran has it’s own perils. Iranian nuclear research sites are deep underground, where it would take massive conventional weapons similar to the U.S. military MOAB, to make a 200ft trench in the Earth in order to knock out such deep and hardened bunkers that Iran is likely using to protect their nuclear program.

MOAB is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb ever developed, it has the same blast yield as 11 tons of TNT. However, Russia has tested a new bomb of a similar nature, FOAB, that is said to have a blast yield of 44 tons of TNT, or for times the explosive yield of MOAB. Israel has been experimenting with it’s own form of thermobaric bombs, testing them in Gaza for example. Weapons like MOAB are not penetrator weapons, however their huge force can leave deep craters, allowing Israel to destroy protected nuclear research sites in Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Minister Of Military Affairs Ehud Barak are said to pushing for the military strikes on Iran and against Hezbollah sites in Lebanon, as Iran has been using support for Hezbollah to arrange for terrorist strikes against Israeli citizens around the world. The ultimate goal of such a military strike campaign would be to cripple Iran’s nuclear program, military as well as set back Hezbollah.