Never the shy one, Lindsay Lohan, of all people, has now offered President Obama policy advice when it comes to the tax issue. While President Obama proposed offering tax cuts to middle class wage earner families as well as small busineses, Lindsay Lohan was very concerned about another group of taxpayers that she considered to be all but forgotten by the president.

On Twitter, Lindsay wrote: “We also need to cut them for those listed on Forbes as “millionaires” if they are not, you must consider that as well”.

Now, wait a minute. Do we have this right? As long as you are fortunate enough to make “Forbes list”, you should qualify for a tax cut?

BTW, Lindsay, legendary songwriter and singer, Joe South, died the other day. His most famous song was, “Walk A Mile In my Shoes”. Does this mean anything to you?

Thanks for your two cents here, Lindsay “sideboob” Lohan.