Amy Poehler and Will Arnett might have made a lot of people laugh over the years, but apparently they must have stopped making each other laugh. Now, the couple is separating after nine years of marriage. It was Will Arnett’s longest marriage as he divorced actress Penelope Ann Miller after just one year of marriage back in 1995.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett met back in 2000, and became a long distance relationship couple, both working on different projects in different cities for three years before they married. In 2001, Poehler landed a role on SNL and quickly became the show’s best female comic, while Will Arnett continued work on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT before they married in 2003. The couple had both appeared together in a number of films and TV shows during their long marriage.

It’s a sad end to a relationship between two of Hollywood’s funniest actors. Both will certainly continue to make audiences laugh. But, don’t expect the two on the same stage very often in the future.