“Nude On The Moon” is not only the title of the infamous 1961 Doris Wishman’ nudie sexploitation film, but also a little known Apollo 12 secret. It seems that astronauts Alan Bean and Pete Conrad smuggled away a PLAYBOY centerfold calendar for November 1969 with them on their trip to the Moon, and had little photocopied PLAYBOY images in their sleeves of their space suits as well. Well, it also seems that the centerfold calendar of lovely De De Lind will be auctioned off in January with bids starting at $1,000 by RR Auctions.

The centerfold model photo actually traveled 475,000 miles round-trip to orbit the Moon and back to Earth, and was affixed to the inside of the spacecraft with Velcro as a little gag giving the astronauts a lovely view of a heavenly body.

De De Lind comical signed a little note stating that, “Pete and Al left me with a great Dick in Lunar orbit”, as the PLAYBOY photo was meant to surprise astronaut Dick Gordon who orbited in the command module in Lunar orbit. This cute little note is included in the auction as well.