A delegate at the DNC becomes the latest delegate to embarrass one of the two major political parties by screwball behavior. It seems that Puerto Rican-born, New York delegate, Julia Rodriguez made an outrageous comment that sounded like a threat against presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which triggered a Secret Service investigation of the wacky delegate who looks like she’s on a day pass from an insane asylum. And, another wacky delegate made an outrageous public “Nazi” reference at the convention, which many in the Democratic Party were quick to dismiss with indignation as well.

Last week, the RNC had it’s own examples of screwballs on parade as well, as two delegates were kicked out of the RNC convention in an ugly racist incident of one throwing peanuts at an African-American camerawoman working for CNN, and taunting her by shouting, “This is how we feed animals”. And in another incident, a rightfully elected delegate from Louisiana was roughly removed by police after Romney delegates used force to suppress dissent from Ron Paul delegates at the convention. Many Ron Paul delegates chose to walk out of the convention after that ugly incident.

Maybe, none of the ugly incidents at either convention rival the level of violence or outrageous conduct of the riot-plagued 1968 Democratic National Convention. But, so far a few incidents at both conventions have proved that both political parties may have more screwball supporters than Planters has mixed nuts.