82 year old acting legend was a subject of jokes and comments after his bizarre and rambling speech at the otherwise successful 2012 Republican Party National Convention last night. His strange and rambling speech went 7 minutes overtime and even included a strange imaginary conversation with an empty chair. For some it was just plain sad, while to many others the bizarre appearance became simply unintentional comedy.

But, today word comes that no one associated with the Romney Campaign wanted to take either credit or blame for the outrageous appearance by Clint Eastwood last night, which not wasted valuable prime-time air time, but seemed to make the most important night of the convention into a complete joke only saved by a strong sentimental message by candidate Mitt Romney as he accepted the nomination for president.

Today, Twitter was alive with jokes about the wacky speech:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the comedy stylings of Clint Eastwood!”.

“Move over Foster Brooks! It’s Clint Eastwood!”.

“The Democrats have Michael Moore. The Republicans, Clint Eastwood”.

“After that “Detroit is back” Chrysler ads, some Republicans accused Clint Eastwood of being a tool for the Democrats. Now, after his convention speech last night, most Repblicans now accuse Clint Eastwood of being a tool for the Democrats”.

President Obama: “Clint Eastwwod speaking at the Republican Convention? Go ahead and make my day!”.

And comic legend Bob Newhart had to post a funny Twitter, “I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC. My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit”.

But, country singer Charlie Daniels seemed more supportive, claiming that the appearance of Clint Eastwood, “Made my day”. Kristie Alley and Janine Turner also loved the outrageous speech, but Tom Bergeron wasn’t a fan.

FORBES called the speech, “crazy”, but added that it won’t destroy the legacy of Clint Eastwood as a great acting legend.

In another posted comment, someone sugested that it took Clint Eastwood “numerous re-takes” just to do that Chrysler ad, yet some brilliant person at the convention decided that Clint Eastwood was perfectly safe to do a speech on his own. “Terrible”, they noted.

Some others objected to the hand across the throat movement made by Clint Eastwood during the speech, which they thought was extremely offensive and beyond the bounds of civility.

Regardless, the strange speech became a big topic of conversation today, maybe even overshadowing the strong message by candidate M