The excellent 1972 album, ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC TO THE WORLD, gets the Audio Fidelity 24k gold cd treatment on Sept. 4, giving audiophiles one of the best British rock albums ever produced. Alvin Lee and Co. were in excellent form on this fantastic album which opens with “You Give Me Loving”, a very cool TYA classic 6 1/2 minute piece of angry blues oriented rock. Next up is the incredible, “Convention Prevention”, an excellent showcase for the keyboard skills of Chick Churchill as well as simply incredible production, with Alvin Lee putting up a very strong vocal performance as well.

“Turned Off TV Blues” is yet another classic TYA blues based tune, once again with an angry Alvin Lee on great vocal work and a fine showcase for his superman guitarsmanship. Alvin Lee has the propensity to make even normally simple blues guitar riffs sound very complicated and complex, and with great effect. “Standing At The Station” is another incredible showcase for the talents of this great band, and it has a great sound effects ending with a train roaring past that will really wake you up. Although TYA certainly isn’t Pink Floyd, they still experimented a little with spacey concepts on both this album and A SPACE IN TIME, which is certainly a real classic album as well, although I personally love ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC TO THE WORLD much more myself although it failed to generate a big hit U.S. single like “I’d Love To Change The World” like the previous album.

“You Can’t Win Them All” is an interesting song, it has that clunky, choppy guitar style that seems more characteristic of Marc Bolan’s guitar signature than of Alvin Lee, where Alvin Lee appears to be experimenting with a little with that “T.Rex groove” sound that was so popular around 1972 with songs like “Telegram Sam” and “Get It On”.

“Religion” is a very spacey condemnation on organized religion, which not only features some damning angry lyrics, but also has incredible keyboard riffs as well a very angelic sounding ending which seems like things have gone horribly wrong as it turns dark at the end.

“Choo Choo Mama” is a great fast rock number from TYA, where the song became a concert favorite as well as a single for the group. “Tomorrow I’ll Be Out Of Town” continues the fast paced wrap-up to the album, which closes with the 1950’s rock inspired, “Rock And Roll Music To The World”.

In 45:10 of music, TYA produced their most listenable and wonderful album ever here. It’s also a great starting point for anyone who wants to hear their first long play taste of this great 1970’s band beyond that pop radio hit, “I’d Love To Change The World”.

The Bottom Line: One of rock music’s finest and most listenable albums ever produced. ****(Four Stars, Excellent. Buy this great new 24k disc of this fantastic album and love it!).

BTW: The name Ten Years After means ten years after Elvis. Yet the name conjures up some great images of classic British blues rock that experimented a little bit with spacey concepts for a while during part of the 70’s. Only one more studio album came out from this group a year later before this band broke up, POSITIVE VIBRATIONS, which isn’t near as good as this album. But, a reunion album in 1989 included some fantastic music, including the excellent single, “Let’s Shake It Up”, before Alvin Lee was replaced for good by the band with another lead guitar and vocalist. But, the real TYA with Alvin Lee is unmatchable.