As outrageous as American politicians are, news of a controversial Canadian politician just keeps getting better and better. And the tale of Canadian Senator Rod Zimmer is one for the history books.

Rod Zimmer is a 69 year old very wealthy businessman who was a former vice president for CanWest Communications and later a top Canadian lottery official who was appointed by former Prime Minister Paul Martin to the Canadian Senate. Senators in Canada are appointed and not elected. About one year ago, August 27,2011, Rod Zimmer made news by marrying Maygan Sensenberger, who was just 22 at the time, but is now 23. The huge 46 year age gap between the two raised a few eyebrows up in Canada. But, the story certainly gets better….A lot better!

Apparently, the couple had some sort of lovers quarrel on a plane flight to Saskatoon, and the young wife threatened to kill the senator and “take down the aircraft” among other things never ever, ever, ever to say on a plane flight. Canada takes airline safety just as serious as does the United States, and certainly the young woman was charged with a couple of very serious offences for her wild behavior on the aircraft flight. During her Friday court appearance, Maygan Sensenberger looked like a disheveled mess. And on Monday, she gets to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with another court appearance which is sure to get plenty of press attention up in Canada.

Didn’t I tell you this was a great story!

BTW, besides the unruly and outrageous conduct of Sensenberger on an aircraft flight, there is one more thing that you never want to do at any Canadan or U.S. airport. If you ever see a friend by the name of Jack at the airport, you never ever want to call out to him, “Hi Jack!” from across the lobby. You might want to say, “Hey guy! or something similiar instead. But, Sensenberger did far worst than any mere misunderstanding. She acted like a perfect brat on the flight. Now it’s up to some Canadian judge to decide just how hard she gets spanked.