In a surprising cost-cutting and downsizing move over at NBC, it was announced that THE TONIGHT SHOW will cut 20 staff members as well as cut the salary of Jay Leno. THE TONIGHT SHOW usually narrowly bests the rival late night talk show by David Letterman over at CBS as well as Jon Stewart’s show over on cable TV. But, the show has certainly witnessed something of a ratings slide since the 2010 scandal when Conan O’Brien was replaced by Jay Leno due to poor ratings when he was unable to post the same strong ratings numbers that Jay Leno once did. And Jay Leno performed miserably in a 10pm time slot as well, causing NBC to offer Conan O’Brien a buyout to leave the network and bring Leno back to 11:30 to attempt to reclaim the old ratings strength.

The new move by NBC to scale back THE TONIGHT SHOW is also a sign that financially the network still isn’t doing well and that ratings have softened considerably without the strength of the Summer Olympics to boost ratings at the troubled network.

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