Katrina Darling Playboy

Katrina Darling Playboy

What’s the point in being the second cousin once removed from the Duchess of Cambridge (and future Queen of England) if you can’t give your burlesque career a bit of a boost? Katrina Darling has never met her semi-cousin and didn’t even know they were related until Kate Middleton was about to become Prince William’s bride. It was the paparazzi who let her in on the connection between the two.

Katrina Darling, otherwise known as Britain’s Burlesque Queen, may not run in the same circles, family or otherwise, as her Royal cousin, but she does put on a great show, appropriately titled, ‘God Save the Queen’.

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Not to let a good connection go to waste the little minx is on the cover of the September 2012 issue of Playboy with a full spread of photos between the covers. More photos will be added below as they become available. Meanwhile, enjoy what we have.

God Save the Queen, indeed!

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