Some strange business news stories are making the rounds this week about Paul Ryan and some of the unusual business legislation that he once authored in Congress. And although the 14 year Congressman only managed to pass just two bills in a decade that he personally authored, he penned some curious business legislation that often went nowhere.

It turns out that cleaning supply giant, S.C. Johnson is located in Ryan’s district in Wisconsin and top executives there been a major political contributors to Ryan’s political efforts over the years. Ryan in turn has written some odd legislation aimed at helping his big political contributor.

In one example, Ryan sought to have duties on imported air fresheners suspended, however the legislation failed when not a single Congressman also stepped forth to co-sponsor this strange bit of legislation. Apparently few in Congress saw this air freshener legislation as pivotal to continuation of the nation.

And, another bit of legislation also seemed to specifically aid SC Johnson by lifting duties on imported bath and shower cleaning supplies. But, once again this weird bit of business legislation also failed.

And, Ryan did attempt to restructure the taxes on arrows, in response to the U.S. bow and arrow business industry, which claimed unfair advantages by imported arrows. Ryan personally likes to hunt with arrows as well, it seems.

Nothing here for Ryan to really come clean about. Nothing here really suggests that he’s a dirty politician or anything. But, his connection to Pledge and Windex does provide a little comic business and political story here. And, a strange portrait of Ryan is emerging where we have a politician who looks a little like Eddie Munster, but who’s in the pocket of Windex.