The father of reclusive 31 year old actor Macaulay Culkin is deeply concerned that his son has either drug addiction and/or health problems. Various reports from various other news agencies claim that the actor may have a $7,300 a month addiction to painkiller drugs such as Oxycodone. Another news source report claims the former actor may have become a heroin addict.

A new photo has surfaced of the former actor who quit acting at the age of 14 holding his stomach and also apparently publicly vomiting in the street. Some scandal sheets and other news sources claim that Macaulay Culkin may only have as little as six months to live, although their source of such information is unclear.

Last year, Macaulay Culkin used a spokesman to attempt to put down any rumors of his health being bad when another shocking photo emerged of the former actor. However, shocking public photos of the former actor are fueling speculation that like his late friend Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin may be headed down a bad path to ruin because of health or drug problems.