Hey say it ain’t so, but everyone’s favorite wacky mom, Patricia Krentcil, reports feeling “weird and pale” while she follows her one month pledge not to suntan. Krentcil made the pledge as part of a deal with IN TOUCH magazine. And the normally crisp-fried old piece of shoe leather looks remarkably normal and different without her usual hard fried chicken appearance.

Apparently, Krentcil is still allowed normal sun exposure or the use of lotion self-tanners, but no visits to tanning studios are allowed.

Patricia Krentcil became a national figure and joke after she was arrested for a claimed violation of New Jersey state law for bringing her daughter to a tanning studio. New Jersey law restricts persons under 14 from visiting tanning studios. However, Krentcil maintains that the daughters sunburn wasn’t from a tanning studio, but from sun exposure outside and the teacher that notified authorities was mistaken about the daughter’s story.

Krentcil was released following arrest on a $25,000 bond.

In yet another wacky tanning mom story, Krentcil even expressed interest in appearing for a PLAYBOY pictorial. Certainly, PLAYBOY wasn’t interested.