Lindsay Lohan White Swimsuit

Lindsay Lohan White Swimsuit

I chose the photo above for the headline photo of Lindsay Lohan because I thought it was hilarious. Supposedly she fell asleep as she was relaxing by the pool. Really? Does she look like she fell asleep to you? Instead of her mouth being open with droop seeping out of the corner of her mouth, she is posed with her toes pointed, her face towards the camera and even a faint smile on her face. And she says she’s a great actress! I think I could do better.

Lindsay was photographed using a spa at a Beverly Hills hotel and managed to put on her full repertoire of facial expressions for the cameras who were conveniently there to capture her as she put her toes in the water, laid back on her pool-side lounge, played with her hair and (whoops) got caught biting her nails.

Lindsay Lohan is 26-years-old but looks much older. Is it too much botox and plastic surgery? Or has she just been rode hard and put up wet? You be the judge!

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