Gibson Guitar will remain in business. The company has worked out a settlement deal with the federal government to avoid criminal charges for illegally importing endangered ebony and rosewood after the company apparently continued to receive shipments of these endangered woods in violation of the Lacey Act from India and Madagascar. The legendary guitar maker company agreed to pay the federal government a $300,000 fine in addition to a $50,000 contribution for public service works for the U.S. National Fish And Wildlife Foundation, as well as to withdraw a claim to free up $262,000 of the exotic woods that were impounded during importation by the U.S. Justice Department. No word on what now happens to all of that impounded endangered wood. But, the feds destroying it seems unfortunately likely.

Although, the company now has a damaged reputation because of this scandal, it still allows the legendary guitar maker to remain in business and to avoid criminal charges which could possibly end the Gibson Guitar brand, used by many famous musicians worldwide.