Although, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES can still be called a success by any box office standard, the film is still running $39 million behind the last KNIGHT film, THE DARK KNIGHT according to the latest weekend box office returns. Blame part of it on the Colorado shooting, blame part of it on the overwhelming success of NBC’s Olympic TV coverage, but this weekend THE DARK KNIGHT RISES only added another $36.4 million to it’s box office total of $354.6 million, which means that this latest Batman episode has made at least $100 million to repay the producers.

But, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES did manage to best the new reboot of TOTAL RECALL, which seemed to suffer partly because it was Arnold Schwarzeneggerless among other things. Colin Farrell just didn’t seem to attract as many viewers to his version of TOTAL RECALL as the old Schwarzenegger hit that grossed about $261.3 million dollars.

I still remember when I brought home the 1990 Schwarzenegger hit on DVD, buying a copy and my dad just loved the old film and gave it rare high praise as “nonstop action”, and something that he couldn’t “stop watching”. He thought this was a terrific film. Even though my dad just loved movies, you couldn’t pry out of him which James Bond he loved best or the best film of that series. So that gives you a pretty good idea just how good the 1990 film was. Apparently, 2012’s viewers don’t think the new film was as good either. Enough said….