MY WAY is nearly an Academy Award quality epic film that might have slipped under your radar, but is one of the very best foreign films of recent times. This incredible tale of a Korean and Japanese who have a long time rivalry starting with running that leads the pair into combat against the Chinese during WWII, takes on many more turns. Eventually the pair are forced to fight for the Soviet Red Army, but eventually become foreign fighters for the Germans on D-Day.

This epic that runs Two hours and twenty five minutes is loosely based off the discovery of a dead Korean soldier found among the German dead on D-Day. And what a great script and screenplay this film was made into.

This is a very expensive and expansive film, with no cut corners or cost cutting. It’s very much on the order of what a Steven Spielberg might have produced if he was born in Korea. Kang Je-gyu, sometimes also spelled as Je-gyu Kang both directed and produced this awesome film, that’s a real tribute to his greatness as a filmmaker.

Although some of cinematography seems a little bit unusual at times, it still doesn’t hardly detract from what must be considered to be a very great film that’s nearly excellent.

The Bottom Line: A very great unusual war story film from South Korea that’s a true epic film. ***1/2(Three and a half stars, or just an eyelash shy of excellent. If you love high quality foreign features, then you’d have problems finding any foreign feature as good as this one).