Comic actor Fred Willard used an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show last night as an opportunity to joke his recent arrest at a Hollywood adult movie theater for suspicion of public lewdness. Although Willard joked about the arrest with Fallon, he still attempted to maintain the claim that he broke no laws, which may technically correct in that so few people were in the theater that Willard might have had the reasonable expectation of privacy in the theater and was only arrested as a result of a routine police walk through of the theater.

Willard also mostly used the appearance to promote his new upcoming comedy show on ABC, which suggests that his appearance might have been scheduled before his recent arrest, but he made the best of this bad news to joke about it as part of his attempt to rehabilitate his reputation and make the best of the bad news publicity.

And yes, Jimmy Fallon shook hands with Fred Willard as he entered the stage. Brave man that Jimmy Fallon. Brave man, indeed. You don’t know where those hands were moments before he walked onstage.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has already offered Fred Willard a deal to enroll in some some sort of pre-filing diversion program and told him he will not face jail time, but some likely civil fine if he choses to follow this letter of intent. This means that the incident could be treated as a minor violation compared to a more serious case brought to trial with greater legal sanctions. However, if Willard chooses to go ahead with a trial and not plead to some lesser crime such as disorderly conduct, then he could possibly be labeled as a sex offender in a worse case scenario, but this seems unlikely as it seems that the DA’s Office is looking for a quick way to dispose of what it also considers a minor violation.

The law office of Paul Takakjian has acted as legal spokesman for Fred Willard so far, and is likely representing him in the legal matter as well. Paul Takakjian has a 10.0 out of 10.0 superb rating by his clients, and his office specializes in various crimes including sex offenses. So it appears that Fred Willard has an excellent lawyer, although lawyer’s this good likely don’t work very cheap. A quick disposal of the minor case would probably be the best for all parties here. Fred Willard made it sound more like he merely fell asleep in the theatre on Jimmy Fallon’s show and other statement even suggested a more PG explanation of the incident such as that a hand might have merely rested on his lap while sleeping, no lewd act actua compared to the police report of the incident which suggested differently.

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