Charles Band and Full Moon pictures have an uneven reputation producing trash cinema on very low budgets, however ZOMBIES Vs. STRIPPERS is much better than most of their films, with plenty of laughs, hilarious characters, some cute topless girls in G-strings, etc. This show features some really funny acting and characters, and is more comedy than anything, all creating a very enjoyable popcorn movie experience.

You can never accuse Charles Band or Full Moon of distributing high art films, but for the genre of trash cinema that they produce the movie provides more than a few thrills and laughs.

The four strippers who work in the worst possible strip club find themselves and the bar management caught at ground zero in the midst of a worldwide zombie plague as one of the last remote holdouts for mankind. One young stripper falls for a young rocker in what may be the last days of civilization, and three tough bikers loan their aid to the club to fight off the zombie assault. Not the best zombie film ever made, and definitely not a George Romero quality zombie film by any means, but enjoyable trash all the same.

Full Moon’s movies often look cheaper than this film, where this film almost looks like CITIZEN KANE compared to some of their films. Hopefully this is a sign of improving quality at Full Moon. It also seems that Full Moon and The Asylum, another cheap film producer are constantly making better and better films.

The Bottom Line: Enjoyable enough R-rated trash entertainment that’s great for single guys to enjoy. Not really a date movie by any means, but a good enough guy film with just the right mix of zombies and T&A. ** 1/2(Two and a half stars, or better than fair. Nearly good. Rent this one today for a laugh or two. There’s a few good things here.