Shocking news has emerged today that James Holmes sent a very detailed notebook to a psychiatrist professor at the University Of Colorado Medical Center that detailed how he would murder moviegoers, but the college mailroom failed to deliver the mail for days until after the shooting, failing to notify police to stop the massacre. Tragically, the college could have prevented the entire massacre by timely mail delivery of the threatening notebook and contacting the police, now possibly leaving the university open to huge lawsuits from victims of the shooting.

Further, it is likely that troubled student James Holmes may have been using Federal student aid funds to purchase the weapons, raising the question of why there isn’t a better accountability system for how some students are using these college grant or loan funds.

The detailed notebook appeared to illustrate page after page of how exactly Holmes would murder patrons at the crowded movie theater, yet the ineptness of the college mail system only allowed the mail to get lost for days in the mailroom. When James Holmes sent out this threatening notebook, it was an obvious cry for help, where he attempted to have himself stopped, yet the college was negligent by failure to deliver the detailed threatening communication.

Next to the failures at Penn State to stop the crimes of Jerry Sandusky, this new scandal of ineptness at the University Of Colorado where the school failed to deliver the threatening mail plans of the shooting, and police weren’t notified ranks as one of the most gross failures to stop a crime of all time.