With the economy slowing in China, Chinese investors are looking to purchase U.S. businesses at record breaking rates this year, where the $8 billion dollar threshold should be crossed by the end of the year according to economic data. Some of the biggest Chinese business acquisitions this year have included the giant AMC movie theater deal, worth $2.6 billion dollars. Aircraft manufacturer, Hawker Beechcraft, has been offed a $1.8 billion dollar bid by Chinese aircraft company, Superior Aviation. Hawker Beechcraft has also been making negative business news as it it attempts to pay executives $5 million in bonuses at the same time when it’s attempting to emerge from bankruptcy. Chinese investors are looking at businesses like Hawker Beechcraft that are in deep management or bankruptcy woes as prime takeover targets as the Chinese economy seems to be hitting a real ceiling with it’s own slowing right now, giving Chinese investors room for money growth.

A buyout attempt by Chinese aviation giant Superior Aviation seems about right for the Chinese economy looking to produce more private jets for executive use. And, with some American companies saved by Chinese money, many American jobs will be saved as well, helping to soften the continued joblessness problems in the United States’ own troubled economy. But, in the long run, more cash will flow from the U.S. as foreign investors turn more and more domestic American businesses into their own investments.