The Amazing Coincidences Between James Holmes And Fred Willard

A few years ago, some researcher published the amazing coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy, such as Lincoln was shot in a theater by Booth, while Kennedy’s accused killer, Oswald, ran into a theater. Well, it’s happened again, two weird crimes involving movie theaters made news in the last few days, the arrest of Fred Willard for suspected public masturbation observed by a police office and then the outrageous crimes of James Holmes in a crowded theater. In the tradition of the famous Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences, here’s the amazing strange coincidences between Fred Willard and James Holmes incidents:

Both Fred Willard and James Holmes planned to use a movie theater to commit their crimes.

While James Holmes propped open an emergency door to commit his crimes, Fred Willard propped up his penis with his hand to commit his crime.

While James Holmes fired off many rounds in a movie theater, Fred Willard attempted to fire off his load in the adult theater where he was arrested.

Fred Willard is a well known comic figure, while James Holmes to dyed his hair an outrageous shade of orange to match a comic character, The Joker.

While Fred Willard is well know for many outrageous comic acting roles, James Holmes first appearance in court was an outrageous comic appearance.

Two strange movie theater crimes, although Fred Willard may actually be found innocent under California law because of the way the state law is written and the reasonable expectation of privacy that his lawyer will contend if charges are filed.

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