You can’t make up a story this good, but Jonah Falcon, the proud owner of the world’s biggest penis was frisked by a TSA worker at the airport as he planned to board a plane, all of this lead to an embarrassing situation for everyone.

Although the GUINNESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS doesn’t record such outrageous statistics, Jonah Falcon’s penis rates unofficially as the longest in the world at 9 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches erect. The reason his penis is 13.5 inches and not 12 inches, is because 12 inches would be a foot(I know, that’s a terrible joke).

Jonah Falcon has received numerous offers to do adult films, but has so far turned everyone down. leaving just those penis midgets to battle it out in naked romps in front of x-rated cameras. But, then again this might be a good thing. Who wants some really huge guy to break some porn actress apart at the seams? And besides where do you find a condom that large? The fact of the matter is that a raincoat might have to be a literal raincoat here.

It’s almost surprising that someone at the TSA didn’t actually offer Jonah Falcon a job. They say that a hard man is good to find these days.

Thankfully, the TSA worker didn’t find anything other than a weapon of mass conception here, right?

But, seriously here. Jonah Falcon is actually a legitimate actor, and has refused to do adult films because of fear that it would hurt his legitimate acting career. Yet, you sure can’t help but believe that his acting career has been a little bit helped by this strange claim to fame.