MACHINE GUN PREACHER has just been released on DVD, and what an incredible story of faith and redeemtion this story is. Based of the real life of Sam Childers, a former outlaw biker who found redeemption from drugs and drug dealing only to have a life changing experience with faith that led him to build churchers and orphanges in Sudan where the Muslim majority have been practicing genecide against the Christian minority in that troubled nation.

Childers, a tough former marine, has a become Born Again Christian, and as a Godly man of faith who felt a calling from God to protect the innnocent child victims of the terrible war in Sudan. And the excellent DVD is not only a faith inspiring film, but also stands up well as an action movie as well.

Unlike most men of faith who merely raise up a Bible as their sword, Childers actively engaged in combat with those invaders attacking Christian camps, making him a unique Christian man of war. The movie is simply a fascinating tale of faith.

With so many disappointing stories of faith these days, it’s great to see such a strong story of a man who never compromised his faith to step up and defend the children he felt a calling from god to shelt